Polish Dumplings

For my next recipe, I wanted to make a traditional Polish dish. The majority of my heritage is Polish, so growing up I have spent a lot of time around Polish food and culture, and one of my favorite things is Kopytka (Polish dumplings). I searched around for a recipe that seemed just right for what I wanted to make which was for potato dumplings.

By far the hardest part of this dish was making the dough. Although I was set on making the entire dish from scratch including my own dough, using pre-made dough such as Pillsbury would probably be ok too. After I made the dough and mashed the potatoes, the preparation was very simple along with the cooking. I had never cooked dumplings before, so I had to take some time with this, and the recipe says to remove the dumplings after 3 minutes in boiling water, however I found they were not ready until after about 5 minutes.

With the slight change to the recipe, these dumplings turned out really well, definitely easier than the sushi and the crepes. I added some extra butter at the end per recommendation of the blog I used for inspiration, and this really gave the dumplings the extra flavor I was looking for. I enjoyed making this dish, because it has been such a large part of my extended family and I liked being able to try it for myself and put my own spin on it. This is a recipe I will definitely be using again to gain experience or practice some new techniques.

recipe: https://www.polishyourkitchen.com/polishrecipes/polish-potato-dumplings-kopytka/





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