Thanksgiving Treat

exps6086_HB133235C07_19_4b_WEB.jpgIn the spirit of the holiday, this past week I made homemade apple pie with my mom and grandmother. The recipe I used has been past down by generations, so unfortunately, there will not be a link to the exact recipe, but I have found a couple that I think will do the trick!

To start the apple pie, we combined several ingredients to make a thick pie crust dough. Since pastry dough does not contain yeast, we did not have to let it sit and rolled it out directly after mixing it. We make apple pie with a full bottom and full top crust, which is different than some other options such as a basket weave or crumble top crust.

After preparing the crust, the next step is to cut and peel the apples. I recommend a combination of Granny Smith and Honey Crisp because both have lots of juice that run into the filling of the pie as it bakes. My best tip is to make sure you peel the entire skin off the apple slices and remove any remnants of core or seeds before filling the pie.

Before placing the apples in the pie, I add cinnamon and sugar to add flavor to the apple juice in the filling of the pie. Then we add the apples to the pie crust, cover the top with the extra dough and brush the top with milk to add the golden crust color.

The entire process of baking apple pies is fairly extensive if you intend to make your own dough like I did, but several substitutes exist such as pillsbury pre-made dough. I highly recommend baking apple pie because it is the perfect afternoon activity and holiday treat.

Recommended recipes:…apple-pie/1fc2b60f-0a4f-441e-ad93……apple-pie/c9a4acc6-85aa-4128-b0b0-1a17bdbe…


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